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Welcome to the Northeast Georgia Section of the AIA. We exist to support our members, promote quality architecture, and help match future clients with the best architect for their project. Our meetings are open to all architects, associates, consulting engineers, allied members, and related product/service representatives.

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Due to the spontaneous nature of some of our events, we are unable to keep this website completely up-to-date. 

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3rd Annual Return to Historic Chicopee

On April 4th, we return to historic Chicopee, Georgia! This marks the third year the Northeast Georgia section of the AIA visits the revolutionary development that was built by Johnson & Johnson in 1926-1927. We will be joined by our colleagues from the landscape (ASLA Georgia), planning, and engineering community to get the big picture about why and how the village came to be from…

Feature Firm: Southeast Studios

Feature Firm: Southeast Studios August 6, 2018 | Dana Hensey Often architects can be divided by their opinion on the singular question – do you prefer modern or traditional architecture?  Greg Mix, cofounder of Southeast Studios, has abundant experience with both and manages a feat that many architects can only try, but fail to do – he strikes a delicate balance of both contemporary and...

Chicopee Village Outreach: Part II

March 9, 2018 | Dana Hensey (For background on Chicopee Village’s history, please read Part I of this article series.) Chicopee Mill, the cornerstone for Chicopee Village in Gainesville, Georgia, shuttered its doors in 1994, but its legacy will live on.  Chicopee Village is registered on the National Register of Historic Places, and many of the original homes remain today in generally good condition.  Some...

Chicopee Village Outreach: Part I

March 1, 2018 | Dana Hensey The word “Chicopee" originates from the Algonquin term meaning “violent waters.”  If you were to look at a map of Chicopee Village near Gainesville, Georgia, you might notice it is not remotely close to any source of so-called violent waters.  So why the misnomer, and a misnomer that has lasted for over 90 years?  It is all part of...

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