Outstanding Students of Jackson County Comprehensive High

July 28, 2017 | Dana Hensey

AIA Northeast Georgia would like to congratulate the architecture students of Jackson County Comprehensive High School in Jefferson, Georgia for an incredible 2016-2017 school year!

Teacher Mollie Neufeld, a veteran leader at JCCHS, guided 45 students and five classes to explore the world of architecture.  Each student participated in the High School Design Competition, a statewide competition put on annually by the Atlanta Chapter of the American Institute of Architects.  The competition features two levels of original design projects, aimed to engage high school students in the design process and educate them about the possibilities of careers in the field.

Jackson County Comprehensive students nabbed 1st place in the Beginner project as well as three Honorable Mentions, and 3rd place in the Advanced project.  Students of Ms. Neufeld’s classes worked all semester long to develop, revise, and perfect their unique design solutions, with mentor Rick Sellers giving them periodic critiques of their work.  The months of hard work paid off, as the judges raved about these students’ well-thought out designs and stunning models.

To honor their outstanding efforts and achievements, AIA Northeast Georgia was proud to provide each student with their own sketchbook, architecture scale, and roll of tracing paper in hopes that they can further their education in architecture.

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